It Already Happened: An Internet Slow-Cooker

Here’s some of the best of what the literary internet had to offer last week or even earlier. Sometimes slow is a good thing.

–>Poet Jenny Zhang responds to the BAP controversy with a moving essay on BuzzFeed, They Pretend to Be Us While Pretending We Don’t Exist.

–>Debut novelist Mira Jacob also took to BuzzFeed to share a keynote meant for a Publisher’s Weekly gala. She wanted to talk about the trials and tribulations of publishing as a WOC. No one listened.

–>VIOLA DAVIS WON AN EMMY! Here’s Ashley C. Ford about why she doesn’t feel grateful for the actress’ over-due Emmy nod.


–>The e-book subscription service Oyster is shutting its doors?! Thank god Kevin Nguyen interviewed Lauren Groff about her new novel Fates & Furies first: That’s what you can do with words. You can imply space and time without necessarily meaning to linger in it.

–>Hamilton: The Musical composer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda won a MacArthur Genius grant! (That even happened yesterday!) He’s interviewed (wonderfully) at Grantland.