It Already Happened: An Internet Slow-Cooker

I don’t know, you guys. There’s some really ugly things happening in contemporary poetry right now. Here are a few links to help you sort through the conversation, in addition to Hamilton .GIFs and other goodies. I know you need some. Be kind to each other. Big brains, full hearts, can’t lose, etc.

–>The New Yorker profiles poet Kenneth Goldsmith. Cathy Park Hong, who was interviewed for the piece, responds. There’s also a pretty amazing interview with the Mongrel Coalition Against Gringpo in Brooklyn Magazine, if you’d like some context.

–>If, like me, you’re still feeling icky about that entire business, spend some $$ to buy The Selected Jenny Zhang, the most recent pick from Emily Books. You’d be doing two good things.

–>Speaking of Brooklyn Magazine, Molly McArdle is killing it over there. Her essay on Elena Ferrante and her interviews with 30 amazing writers and artists under 30 are especially wonderful.

–>Have you succumbed to #FerranteFever yet? If so, you’re in luck: there’s this and this and this.

–>The Paris Review has a great essay about the work of poet and collagist Robert Seydel.

–>Patrick DeWitt talks with BuzzFeed about disconnecting from the internet in order to write Undermajordomo Minor.

–>President Obama interviews Marilynne Robinson!

–>President Lin-Manuel Miranda made a musical and the rest of us just get these .GIFs.