It Already Happened: Back to the Future Edition

Today is the day we were all supposed to be riding around on hover boards with our jean pockets turned inside out. Let’s get with it, America.

–> There were a lot of jokes about Back to the Future today, but this was my favorite.

–> In case you need some real perspective on the cruel march of time, The Smithsonian magazine and Alaska Dispatch News report on whales born before the publication of Moby-Dick.

–> Last week we celebrated Whale Day, and LitHub had a blast on Twitter, publishing this NSFW beauty.

–> Speaking of whales from the past, if you haven’t yet read Leslie Jamison’s wonderful essay from The Atavist on the loneliest whale in the world, you should fix that.

–> The great Emily Books is turning four years old! If you act today, you can still get a 40% discount on an annual subscription of impeccable small press e-books delivered right to your inbox.

–> It’s no secret that I love Gilmore Girls more than I love most things. On Monday, Netflix announced their order of a short series written by original creator and genius Amy Sherman-Palladino. There may have been some other big things happening on the internet that day, I don’t know.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.29.57 PM

–> Marlon James won the Booker for his A Brief History of Seven Killings, which chronicles an attempted murder of singer Bob Marley. After his first novel was rejected more than 70 times, he almost gave up writing, which would have been sad for everyone. Upon winning, James published a great piece about how much he loves Toni Morrison in The Guardian. Yay, Marlon!

–> In case you need help better understanding young Marlon James’s despair, Publishers Weekly recently published its findings that the publishing industry is still predominantly white.

–> On the New York Public Library podcast, Chimamanda Adichie and Zadie Smith talk writing, race, and relationships. Maybe they can explain to Drake why his lady isn’t calling anymore.