The Forecast

Last week’s full moon-Halloween mash-up made me a little loopy. I was operating from a place of abundance and feeling grateful. Questions posed: How do you funnel gratitude into creativity? What does it look like when you create from a place that’s all filled up and thankful?

Be sure to count your blessings because others certainly were–you leaped into the spotlight and you somersaulted through a few burning hoops to get there. Maybe you had to vault bareback onto an elephant or put your head directly into a lion’s mouth. Wherever you are, you probably still hear echoes of thunderous applause. Whatever you’ve got stewing, it felt like people cared about it because it came from you. That’s a powerful little cocktail. If the Two of Wands is all about personal power, then, baby, you had your own little furnace pumping out heat in the corner.


two of wands / the hanged man / queen of swords

When you have all this working for you, it may seem counter-intuitive to pull a card like The Hanged Man. The Hanged Man says hold on and wait. The Hanged Man says surrender and stay in the moment.

What solutions come to you when you actually take the time to listen?

The Hanged Man says you might see something differently if you’re upside down. The Hanged Man gives you a chance to think about what you really want from all this attention, all this abundance. Don’t just go chasing your tail. Maybe you need to step away from the screen. Maybe you need to reconsider the spotlight. Spend a little time trying to think. Better yet, get to that point where you don’t think so hard about thinking. Do whatever you can to press pause and sit in the dark. What comes to you in that space when you actually take the time to listen?

If you can’t see the irony in having to wait when all signs point to go, the Queen of Swords certainly can. All this waiting will allow you to find a straight path; it’s pointing right to an inner core of strength, a deep well that comes from what you already know. You have an opportunity to be honest with yourself about what you want and how to get there; you have an opportunity to consider the pros and cons of your actions without letting your pesky ego get in the way. Maybe there’s someone in your life who embodies this wise, wry owl. Maybe you avoid her advice because she tells you the truth when you’re not ready to hear it. Maybe that’s why you love her to pieces. If this sounds like someone you know, she’ll help you out because she can’t help but not to. Good news: if you’re coming from that place of calm we just talked about, you’ll be well-positioned to consider the wisdom of her suggestions.

Our tarot deck is the beautiful Emily Dickinson Tarot made by the artistic wizards at Factory Hollow Press.