Sh*t Got Real in 2015

Goodbye forever, 2015! You were the worst, and all these smart people told you what. was. up:


Eula Biss describes the particular, peculiar comforts of “White Debt”

In “My Life as a Muslim in the West’s ‘Gray Zone,'” Laila Lalami writes about maneuvering through America’s xenophobic waters

“How the Literary Class System Is Impoverishing Literature” by Lorraine Berry tackles the aspirations and struggles of working class writers

Daniel José Older on #BlackLivesMatter and representation in YA lit

Jenny Zhang calls bullshit on the Yi-Fen Chou scandal in “They Pretend to Be Us While Pretending We Don’t Exist”

Morgan Parker doesn’t need diverse books



Claire Vaye Watkins struggles with internalized sexism in “On Pandering;” Marlon James responds with a reminder that most writers have to write for white women; NPR interviews them both

Rebecca Solnit torches mainsplaining in “Men Explain Lolita to Me”

Ashley C. Ford takes over Elle (and Lena Dunham’s podcast!)

Rachel Syme on the power of publishing selfies and the importance of paying women to make culture

Roxane Gay on the ritual of dressing



Ina Garten profiled at Eater, with lavish descriptions of the shade-throwing Martha Stewart

Rembert Browne interviews Lin-Manuel Miranda at Grantland (R.I.P.)

Elissa Schappell speaks with the elusive Elena Ferrante at Vanity FairMolly McArdle writes with great affection of Ferrante at Brooklyn Magazine

The Toast interviews the wonderful Alexander Chee (Here’s Alex talking about why fiction matters) (I could read him all day)

This super-smart profile of David Mitchell turned me into a Kathryn Schultz fan 4 lyfe

30 profiles of under-30s at Brooklyn Magazine

Amazon is as terrible as we all imagine



Faves from The Year in Reading series at The Millions: Manjula Martin, Saeed Jonesand Celeste Ng

George Saunders made me cry

TBH I’m excited about being a spinster