What to Do When You Get an Influx of Cash and Other Important Bookish Links

It is one of those weeks where Friday looks like heaven. Here are the best gosh darn links from around the web:

–> You know I love a good profile. Here are two: Hilton Als discusses Maggie Nelson, and Ocean Vuong is a treasure.

–> Oh! And here are two more stories about cool ladies.

–> So many amazing writers received Whiting Awards. Here’s The New York Times on how the writers will handle that influx of $$$.

–> My two favorite ladies from UMass – Molly McArdle and Caroline Crewdiscuss Caroline’s new book of poems, Pink Museum (Big Lucks), over at Brooklyn Magazine.

–> Speaking of UMass, just about everyone put out a book this spring. Confetti cannons for Jensen Beach (Swallowed by the Cold), Sara Majka (Cities I’ve Never Lived In), and Jung Yun (Shelter). All three of these books are poised to blow up in the best ways.

–> So many people have opinions about book criticism.

–> Everyone’s superhero Lin-Manuel Miranda featured in By the Book. (I wonder how many times I can mention Lin-Manuel on this blog before people stop reading?)

–> Reese Witherspoon’s making movies about women no matter what shitty dude producers think.

–> Please tell me you are listening to BuzzFeed’s new podcast The Tell Show. It’s oversharing for nerdy introverts.

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This month I interviewed some really rad people, including Helen Oyeyemi, Danielle Dutton, and Kaitlyn Greenidge. All of them are brilliant and their books are wonderful. I will keep talking about them until you chase me out of town.

Thanks for reading.