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Hi! My name is Kristen Evans, and I’m a writer who would – almost always – rather be reading.

I’ve written about books for the Los Angeles TimesThe Believer, Brooklyn Magazine, and elsewhere. Just last year, I published my first book of poems, MAMMAL ROOM, and even went on a little reading tour.

More than anything else, I love talking about books and adding to my friends’ TBR piles.

On this site, you’ll find interviews with writers, book recommendations, curated lists, notes passed between pen pals, odes to pop culture, and the occasional creativity forecast. The driving force behind StoryAnimal is enthusiasm, second only to my curiosity about the ways other people work and think.

The driving force behind StoryAnimal is enthusiasm.

Because I want to promote a safe space for everyone here, I’ve disabled comments. But I’d love for you to send me your thoughts – or requests for a book rec! – at storyanimalmag AT gmail DOT com.

As StoryAnimal grows, I hope to solicit the work of writers I admire and pay them for their work. For now, though, this site is a one-woman show.

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